I see it has been quite some time since I last posted anything.. April 6, 2020 to be exact. Even before that post, I had taken a hiatus from this blog. So, what gives? Well, certainly a lot has taken place in my life and in the world since Spring of 2020 (to say the least)!

As I am navigating the sea of change and uncertainty, I feel compelled to “pick up the pen” or return to the keyboard and start writing. The Warm Milk Journal was always a journal first and foremost. I have always believed that writing can be very healing. When I started this blog back in 2009, I was a stressed teacher suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Many unexpected and wonderful outcomes came from this writing journey. I had the chance to meet many people from around the world, I published a book, and most importantly I was able to share an important part of myself and as a part of that I helped to heal old wounds while helping others as well.

I don’t know what is in store for the future. All I know is that I need to write. That is a start.

To be continued….


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