All day rain gives way

to end of the day delight…

Quenched earth and bird songs.

Today here in North Florida we had a wonderful rainy day. It was the kind of rain that poured for hours and we have not had that kind of sustained soaking rain in quite some time. The rain has stopped now this early evening as I write this and this little poem came out as I sit here in my Florida room with the windows cracked open looking out to my back yard.

Are you up for the Haiku challenge? Give yourself a few minutes to just be… take a step outside or look outside a window. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Close your eyes for a moment.

When you are ready write down in your journal or sketch book some thoughts and drawings. Remember that the basic haiku format is three lines long. The first line has five syllables. The second line has seven syllables. The third line has five syllables. It often has a nature theme but this is your poem. Make it yours and embrace whatever comes out.

I like to think of a Haiku as a simple snapshot of my life. During a brief but lovely few minutes, I have paused and just become one with my surroundings. It is pure bliss.

I wish this for you and so I have come up with this haiku challenge. I hope you will join me! When you have finished your haiku, you will probably have it in a journal or sketch book. If you wish, then type it out and share it here in the comments or on one of your social media platforms. Use the #HaikuChallenge. I will find your post and share on our Warm Milk Journal platforms. Our goal is to write a haiku every day for the next 30 days. Let’s do this!

Have fun with it.



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