Ready to try something new? Maybe break out of your routine and get your mind focused and centered and in the now and at peace….? Then you are ready to write a haiku poem!

What is Haiku?

It is a simple three line poem with the first and third lines having 5 syllables and the second line having 7 syllables. Often the theme has something to do with the natural world, but it does not have to.’

Why haiku?

I love the simplicity of this type of writing and it gets me out of myself, my worries, the cares of the world and helps me focus on a sweet simple slice of life that is happening before me right now.

For example, on December 29, 2019, I posted this on my personal Facebook:

“Even at this time of year, I am enchanted with the end of the day light in our northern facing backyard. It’s always a fleeting moment and on this Sunday afternoon I was inspired to write this haiku”:

As the day winds down

A soft ray of light gently

Kisses the bamboo.

Simple. A snapshot in time… This was pure bliss to capture this joyful moment and then share it with my friends and family on Facebook.

What is the Haiku Challenge? #HaikuChallenge

I challenge us to craft and share a Haiku poem every day for the next thirty days. It does not have to be perfect. Just do it! As we move through the journey together, we can share any insights we get. Are you ready?

Tips to get started:

  1. Spend time outside even if just in your backyard or front porch. If you are not able to go outside due to weather or Coronavirus restraints, then gaze outside a window, or focus on a houseplant, or your pet. A focus on something of the natural world is what we are going for here.
  2. Just stop, breathe, and be.
  3. Get in touch with your senses. What are you looking at? What do you feel? What do you smell?
  4. Have a notepad, sketchbook, or journal out and just write and sketch. You can have your phone or camera out too to take a photo or two. Don’t self edit or think too much on it. Just let what comes out come out.
  5. When you have your senses captivated and you are in the moment, I encourage you to write about what you are experiencing.
  6. Then with the Haiku framework in mind (one line with 5 syllables, one line with 7 syllables, and one line with 5 syllables again…) get writing. You will probably find you do a lot of counting of syllables with your fingers (part of the fun)!
  7. When you have your finished Haiku poem you can keep it private in your journal, share here in the comments, share it with your spouse and family, share with friends on social media and challenge them to do the haiku challenge too! If you do share on social media, please use hashtag #HaikuChallenge (and I may very well share your poem on The Warm Milk Journal’s social media platforms)!
  8. Have fun with this. No pressure. Don’t obsess with getting it perfect. Just do it and have fun with the process.

Love you all,


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