If we have anything more of these days, it is time. It is a stressful time, to be sure… but what if we used this time to assess our lives and view this crazy chapter as an opportunity?

What do I mean “opportunity”?

When things do go back to normal (relatively normal anyway) and the kids are back at school, and you are working, going out to eat again, attending concerts, making vacation plans, etc…

What will you let back into your life? Perhaps there are changes you would like to make?

For me, I am getting a better idea of what really matters and I am rethinking my professional life a bit. I have decided that after earning my law degree decades ago and not practicing law, I am going to take this time to study for the Florida Bar Exam. It will be a great challenge, keep me focused on doing something positive for myself (and off of social media and the never ending bad news cycle , and give me an avenue to change my career if I need to.

What about you? You don’t have to make this kind of commitment but a few things to ask yourself are (this would make a great journal writing exercise):

  1. During this time of quarantine and pandemic uncertainty, what do I miss? What do I not miss at all?
  2. What is really important to me?
  3. Who really matters to me?
  4. How do I want to be remembered when I am gone?
  5. What gets me most excited?

I invite you to ask these questions for yourself and see what comes out. Sit and contemplate and don’t rush yourself. Do a gut check and sense what feels right and what does not. Feel free to share any insights you have here.

I wish you a restful night tonight and every night.




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    • Hi Donna, How are you? I took a look at your site and blog. Really cool. If you are inspired to, fire it back it up! That is what I did here for my Warm Milk Journal. Maybe baby steps. Shoot for one post a week just to get started… : )

      Take care,

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