The Warm Milk Journal started off as a blog about getting a good night sleep. I know there are a lot of reasons these days why you may not be sleeping well.

Feel free to comment below how you are sleeping and if/how this whole Covid 19 pandemic is effecting your sleep. We can as a community come together to discuss and offer support and tips.

For me it is hit or miss. Some nights I stay up way too late falling down the rabbit hole of the latest news on Twitter or other news apps I have (note to self: I need to put my phone away in another room before bed).

When I do fall asleep after staying up probably too late, there are nights that I will wake up in the middle of the night and there are nights that I sleep all the way through. So it is truly hit or miss.

When I am having sleep issues, I find it helpful to keep a sleep journal. That way I can see patterns of why I slept well on a particular night or not…

The nights I do sleep all the way through the night, I have noticed are the nights that I:

  1. Ate a light dinner.
  2. Took a hot bath at bedtime.
  3. Read a paper book at bedtime as opposed to becoming a slave to my phone and social media under the covers…
  4. I also find that when my cat Sammy snuggles up next to me and I stay still because God forbid, I can’t disturb the cat. lol… somehow keeping still makes me sleep better.
  5. Eaten a half a frozen banana as a bedtime snack
  6. Taken a half magnesium pill supplement (something I will discuss in a future post and please I am not a doctor- consult medical provider before you take any kind of supplements).
Wishing you a good night sleep tonight and every night!

I will stop for now. In future posts we will write about many more ways that we can help improve our sleep especially now during these highly stressful and uncertain times.

Good night!

With Love,



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